domingo, 22 de enero de 2012


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Solar Technology as a Route Out of Poverty

Dear Educate Girls in Africa supporter,

Congratulations! Thanks to all of your support, you have provided over $3,000 worth of school supplies to children in Ghana! With a total of 81 generous donations, we surpassed our goal and raised $3,203 -- providing elementary school children in need with shoes, books, pens, paper and more. Please join us in thanking Hannes R., Miguel D., Jess W., and Aimee E., who each generously donated $100 or more to the cause, and enormous gratitude to Manish P., whose $500 donation got this project off to a running start.

Last week our new project, "Provide IT resources for girls in Zambia!" launched with a $25 donation from Matt K. Please take a few minutes to read about this innovative way to support students in Zambia:

Solar Technology as a Route Out of Poverty

Imagine being a student in today's world without access to a computer or the internet, relying solely on the few textbooks and newspapers that make their way along the dusty roads to your village - that's the situation facing thousands of students in Samfya, a remote fishing village in Northern Zambia. To meet this need, Camfed has launched the Samfya Resource Center.

Providing the only viable internet access within hundreds of miles to a community of over 191,000 people, the Samfya Resource Center currently serves over 480 students, graduates and community members a week. Through IT training and access to the extensive web of online learning resources that the internet provides, students are building the skills and knowledge needed to participate in today's global environment.

The center currently runs on an intermittent power grid backed up by a generator. By helping to equip the center with faster, cheaper and more sustainable solar technology, you'll be making it possible to open up the world to many more students and, at the same time, help this isolated community reduce their carbon footprint. Will you help?

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Provide IT resources for girls in Zambia!
Fundraising Project: Provide IT resources for girls in Zambia!